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Quality is crucial. Always.
So, we only use fresh ideas and zesty content which we mix with a multidisciplinary team and vibrant visuals.

Tastes, of course, differ. Luckily, catering to the pallet of our customers is essential to us. That’s why we combine the distilling process with our love for the moving image in order to create that eye-catching end product you’re after. And in the unlikely case that you can’t find anything on the menu that is to your liking, tell us and we’ll come up with a recipe à la carte.

Because we are the Image Distillery. We are ZUMO.

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Radio Ultra Modern en DJ Rakesh around the world in 40 records

Radio Ultra Modern en DJ Rakesh around the world in 40 records

#Blijfinuwkot, we are all familiar with the hashtag by now. But after a couple of weeks, boredom might be setting in. Nothing to fear, we at Zumo got you covered. We teamed up with Radio Ultra Modern to bring DJ Rakesh to your living room at 7pm tonight. Or your kitchen. Or your basement. Wherever suits you best.

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When holograms take over Brussels

When holograms take over Brussels

We at ZUMO are all about getting that idea in your head visualised. This time we teamed up with Greenpeace Belgium and Youth For Climate to create Belgium’s first hologram demonstration.

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