Month: November 2021

KAA Gent – Always in for a thrill Client : delaware   Agency : Zumo We are always in for a thrill. And no one can deny that a nightshoot isn’t exciting. Perfect for a video which announces the continuation of the partnership between KAA Gent and Napoleon Sports & Casino.

Ford Mach E – Behind the Scenes Client : Ford   Agency : Poppr Gear up and get ready to hit the virtual road with us. Together with the people of Poppr, we created an electrifying virtual reality experience for the presentation of Ford’s Mustang of the future. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes.

Cube NV - Making tempura

Cube – Food Forward,45 Client : Cube NV    Agency : Zumo A video with the amazing products by Cube doesn’t really need costly special effects or fancy angles. The footage is perfectly capable to speak for itself. However, Zumo wouldn’t be Zumo, if we didn’t add some extra zing.

KBR - Librije manuscripten, schrijven- schrijven

KBR – Librije Manuscripten,46 Client : Bailleul Ontwerpbureau    Agency : Zumo The never-ending battle between visuals and text becomes more and more severe as time moves on. Although Zumo might be all about visual content, we wouldn’t dare to belittle the written word. Especially after travelling back in time with the people from KBR in order to …

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