KBR - Librije manuscripten, schrijven- schrijven

KBR – Librije Manuscripten,46 Client : Bailleul Ontwerpbureau    Agency : Zumo The never-ending battle between visuals and text becomes more and more severe as time moves on. Although Zumo might be all about visual content, we wouldn’t dare to belittle the written word. Especially after travelling back in time with the people from KBR in order to …

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Exitus Agency : OFFWORLD; in co-production with VRT-Canvas, NTR and Submarine   Urban exploring is not a short-lived whim, it is a way of living. As is shown by Bob Thissen and Jeroen Swyngedouw, urban explorers, filmmakers and friends. Together, they travel around the world with one goal in mind: to bring an abandoned place …

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Zwin Client : Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos   Agency : Zumo   For their new permanent exhibition, the visitors office of Het Zwin asked us to create a mood video foregrounding the wide variety of animals, landscape and nature landscapes.    

People-of-delaware, "Writing code on a beach in Thailand"

People of Delaware Client : delaware   Agency : Zumo   When one of our regulars, delaware, approached us with the question to sketch a portrait of some of their employees, we gladly helped them out. Because what’s a company without its employees? After all, they are the ones to stimulate and inspire each other.   


Recombine Client : delaware   Agency : Zumo   4 places, 4 artists. All along the route from Brussels to Beijing. A quest for global entrepreneurship which takes the form of a railroad trip.