Exitus Agency : OFFWORLD; in co-production with VRT-Canvas, NTR and Submarine   Urban exploring is not a short-lived whim, it is a way of living. As is shown by Bob Thissen and Jeroen Swyngedouw, urban explorers, filmmakers and friends. Together, they travel around the world with one goal in mind: to bring an abandoned place …

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Zwin Client : Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos   Agency : Zumo   For their new permanent exhibition, the visitors office of Het Zwin asked us to create a mood video foregrounding the wide variety of animals, landscape and nature landscapes.    

People-of-delaware, "Writing code on a beach in Thailand"

People of Delaware Client : delaware   Agency : Zumo   When one of our regulars, delaware, approached us with the question to sketch a portrait of some of their employees, we gladly helped them out. Because what’s a company without its employees? After all, they are the ones to stimulate and inspire each other.   


Recombine Client : delaware   Agency : Zumo   4 places, 4 artists. All along the route from Brussels to Beijing. A quest for global entrepreneurship which takes the form of a railroad trip.