At Zumo, our main goal is to support and contribute to the success of your project. You are the architect, we’re the engineers. As a close-knit team, we exchange ideas daily and learn from each other’s approaches.

Our extremely dynamic and multi-skilled team members will work directly with you and be involved throughout the entire process. Building on our past experience in the film industry, we are a strong advocate of driving moving images through emotion and story.

That’s why we enable you to become a storyteller yourself. We offer assistance from rough storyboard to end-cut, whether it’s branded content, corporate and event videos, visuals, commercials or 360 videos (just to name a few).


Expo's / musea

At Zumo, we pride ourselves on being multifaceted and dynamic. Over the years we have produced work for a myriad of events and screen sizes, such as show openers, holographics for a trade fair, mapping installations and educational content for museums and exciting after-movies.

We can help you create the perfect content for upcoming expositions and long-term museum installations, including programming and execution. We aid in making your events even more memorable.


Zumo understands as well as you do how important it is to have a common thread throughout your corporate videos. We work with you to co-create your instructional videos, explainer videos and safety videos.

Or we can lend a hand co-designing release videos, product movies and customers cases for you. All while discussing together how the end-product should look and what you want to convey to your audience.

360 / VR

New forms of storytelling emerge everyday, and as visual content creators it’s important to be at the forefront of the latest immersive media.

We can help you create that Extended Reality (XR) that draws your audience in and captures their attention. Whether it’s shooting 360 videos or creating virtual environments from scratch through CGI, your audience will be able to venture into a world that tells your story.


Need a location to shoot? You can rent our studio, complete with a green screen, a cinema and all the necessary equipment for screenings and grading.