Radio Ultra Modern en DJ Rakesh around the world in 40 records

#Blijfinuwkot, we are all familiar with the hashtag by now. But after a couple of weeks, boredom might be setting in. Nothing to fear, we at Zumo got you covered. We teamed up with Radio Ultra Modern to bring DJ Rakesh to your living room at 7pm tonight. Or your kitchen. Or your basement. Wherever suits you best.

DJ Rakesh and Radio Ultra Modern to the rescue

Many industries have been hit hard by this Corona-crisis. But as the many initiatives have shown, it does not stop us from being creative. You may have challenged yourself to pick up a new skill. Or maybe you’ve gone on a bear hunt. And if you are in dire need of some good music and travel plans that include neither your living room nor your kitchen or any other place in your house, then we at Zumo and have the perfect solution. Because tonight, during a live-stream, DJ Rakesh and Radio Ultra Modern will take you on a tour around the world. Not in 80 days, but in 40 records.

Rakesh being the absolute hero he is

The names DJ Rakesh and Radio Ultra Modern might ring a bell. DJ Rakesh is known as the hardest working man at Tomorrowland. No wonder considering the fact that he was playing sets for over 13 hours in total. Radio Ultra Modern is also not unknown. Because although they might be one of the ‘smaller’ stages, their mash-ups of different periods in music history have been setting Tomorrowland on fire since 2011. Together, they came up with the idea to organise a live-stream and then approached us at Zumo to help out with the realisation. We did not have to think twice.

Working at Zumo, the COVID-19 edition

Safety first! So, we respect the social distance at all times.

We’ve been working remotely since the start of the lockdown. But nothing to fear, we are still operational. We keep working on already running projects and even take on new ones. Because communication and storytelling needs will always exist, even during challenging times. You just need to think in terms of what is possible, rather than in terms of what isn’t.

And it is not just our team that is still on duty, our interns are as well. We even took on three new interns from Artevelde Hogeschool, who are studying Graphic and Digital Media. This project was the perfect, first test for them and they did a great job. Because the tight deadline and having to work remotely made it quite challenging.

Since taking the plane is out of question, we filmed Rakesh in front of a green screen. Whilst respecting the rules about social distancing and keeping hand sanitizer within reach of course. Using other sources of footage, we then made a mash-up of our own to create the illusion that Rakesh and you are travelling all over the world. And as you can see in the pictures, DJ Rakesh put on his best suit for you.

So, since actually going to Tomorrowland is not an option, we’ll bring it to you. Even if it is just in your own living room. So put in your earphones and create your own silent disco, do a social distance dance with your neighbour, sing at the top of your lungs with your family, …. And have fun!