At Zumo, we love a company with a strong message and a goal-oriented mindset. That’s why did not hesitate to team up with lingerie company Van de Velde. Together, we made a testimonial. Not only to draw attention to their work, but also to take the time to thank their employees and, of course, to celebrate their 100th birthday.

Three brands, one family company

Through three brands of fashionable lingerie and through in-store service, Van de Velde aims to shap[e] the bodies and minds of women. Whilst Marie Jo seeks to honour and empower women, Prima Donna is an ode to curved women and Andres Sarda targets contemporary women with a mind of their own. Rather than existing next to each other, the three brands complement each other. And together they make up lingerie company Van de Velde.

Blowing out 100th candles would be a big milestone for any company. No difference in this case. And like many other family companies, Van de Velde is built on tradition. But they would not have been in business this long, if they hadn’t realised the importance of vision as well. And that’s what we at ZUMO like and respect about them. After all, in our ever-evolving industry having a severe case of FOMO isn't necessarily a bad thing. As keeping up to date with the newest developments and latest technologies is quite essential.

Tweaking tradition

At Van de Velde they are passionate about empowering women. And they will always stick to their core belief, i.e. improving the self-image of women. Even if that means they need to adjust some of their products at van de Velde, e.g. by changing the traditional model. At Van de Velde, they dare to innovate, but always with respect for the company’s culture.

Hence why we went with a more arty testimonial. Rather than using the ‘conventional’ B-roll, like pictures of the family Van de Velde and the making process of the bras, we decided to add an extra dimension by using dancers. We put three female dancers on a stage and filmed them whilst they were dancing, both together and separately. This footage, combined with the interviews, was then turned into a testimonial thanking Van de Velde’s employees and celebrating its 100th birthday. During the editing process, we played with the speed, shot size and music. And above all, we kept communicating with our client.

So, if it wasn't clear yet, Van de Velde is a company on a mission. They are fiercely loyal to their core belief: improving the self-image of women. Something we can only applaud at Zumo, both men and women.

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